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1st of May, Danish classes, and Pirates

April goes out...and in comes May

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And so it goes....another month I'm here, and trying to get life together! So much has happened, I don't know where to begin and where I have left off. Ahhh...I remember now. I had come home from the soaking wet day out in the city, and was hating the rain. Since then, the rain has subsided, and I have officially started my new job as of the 1st! Yay bartending at a hostel! While fitting in seeing friends in between. ...

Working at a hostel has proved to be much different than my last job at the Four Seasons...the standards are obviously a lot different, but they do appreciate my attention to detail and hard work ethic, so that's a plus. I have also been given free reign on the microphone and sound system, which they might regret later on, but that's ok. No worries!

I began the month on a high note, celebrating a big day in Danish society called the 1st of May. It is celebrated every year on May 1st to celebrate workers rights, union strength, worker togetherness, that sort of thing. You can read more about it here to understand it better. Although originally it started as a legit workers day, now it is more of a big party in one of Copenhagen's big parks. I went with my friend, to meet up with some other people and check it out, since I want to experience everything here. And I was NOT prepared for all of the people and what I saw:


What is that you see there?? Pirates BBQing?? Yes! It was totally awesome! I look over, and see this group of pirates. Ok, this is officially the best day ever! Also, the day is an excuse for Danes to soak up the sun because they don't get enough of it here, and when they do, they go absolutely crazy for it! So that in itself is pretty cool!


I was definitely partaking in a Danish tradition of sitting on a blanket, taking in the sunshine, and enjoying a beer while having a hyggelig time! I always like pretending I'm a local and know what I am doing at all costs.

I began my job that night, and all went well. It's funny because my other coworkers are all Danish, and they are kinda amazed how I can just talk to anyone. I simply answer.."Well, it's me, and I'm an American...we kinda talk to everybody." A little different than Dansh culture. But I really have gotten to know my awesome coworkers, and we have a TON of fun behind the bar! I have convinced a lot of my friends to come visit, and they all approve of my new digs, per say.


Me in my new environment!

The picture isn't the best, but you get the point. The awesome thing about the job is that every day I am meeting people from all over the world with their own set of stories, and life questions. It's cool to see the world through so many perspectives! The one thing about this job that is rough is the hours....if I get home before 3 am, it's an early night. Sometimes I think to myself, "Oh my gosh, when did this become my life?!?"

Bedstemor as usual has made many a plentiful meal for me. I have to say, that I am partial to her smørrebrød. It is so pretty and so yummy! One day, she was in the mood for little shrimp, so I went out, bought a fresh loaf of French bread, fresh lemon, some Greenland shrimp, and she whipped up two beautiful little open faced sandwiches faster than you can say polser brød!


I don't know how she does it, but she does. For Mothers Day, my cousin and I got her a really pretty card from the high end department store here, and gave her some money so she can buy flowers for her terrace, and it made her so happy. But she said to me that to her, every day is Mors Day because every day she realizes the little things I do for her, and the things she does for me have been amazing. The last two weeks of work have been so intense, and I have been coming home at 4 am, exhausted, and then going back to work the next day...it's not easy. But she is so patient, helping wake me up in the mornings, and always cooking, never taking no for an answer. I always remind myself if I'm exhausted, that if she can conquer all the things that she can, I can stay up late a few nights and make it through.


All the yummy food she makes!


All of Bedste's flowers that she takes such good care of! we live in a greenhouse of color!!

It's interesting because I used to love my car Karen because it was my own little personal space and place for just me and my thoughts. Now that place is my bicycle at all hours of the night. As I ride home in darkness, or sometimes as the sun is coming up, (little depressing), I go through every random thought in my mind. I look forward to having the peace around me, and just having my bike whiz me down streets and around corners. Tranquil. Serene. A nice change from the bustling scene and loud music at the bar.

And the BIG news....I started Danish school today, and I totally LOVE it! My class is not so big, but all the people in it are SO SWEET! We have two guys from China, a girl from Australia, a girl from Brazil, another from Peru, a guy from Singapore, and a girl from Africa. And as I sat in the classroom listening to all of them speaking Danish, I thoguht, wow. Look at all these different people with different ideas and dreams coming here and trying to learn this super hard language! It frustrates me when I meet Americans and Canadians that refuse to learn Danish because they say, "Why? Everyone speaks English?" We LIVE here now, that's why you learn! And these people have their own languages, and can speak English, and are now learning Danish...super awesome! I give my hats off to them. This morning I was having a conversation with two guys from China...and we were all speaking Danish. How fucking cool is that?!?

I don't even know if I can keep doing words of the day because every day I am learning so many. My awesome coworkers are helping, as well as friends and Bedste. I used to be so self conscience, and now I'm like,...whatever...F*** it. I will never get better if I don't practice, and I know I'm not perfect, but I will just try anyway, make mistakes, and learn from them. Because that's what life is all about, right?? I thought so :)

Words of the Week

nemlig (nem-lee) - actually
derfor (dear-four) - therefore
pose (pooh-seh) - plastic bag
køleskab (cool-a-scabe-a) - refrigerator
lommelærke (lum-a-lahr-ker) - flask
virkelig (veer-klee) - really

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