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It's SNOWING in April...

And I'm grocery shopping...on my bike!

snow 1 °C

I couldn't believe it when I saw it...mid April almost, and it's snowing! What in the world! And then I REALLY couldn't believe it when I was riding my bike this afternoon, IN the snow, going grocery shopping for my Bedstemor, thinking, "Oh my gosh....if you told me two weeks ago that I would be doing this, I would've thought you were crazy!" My thoughts were interrupted by a car whizzing by me, bringing me back to the wind biting my face. Har en God Påske everyone...

But beyond that, the last few days have been very successful to say the least! I ended up doing a job shadow on Thursday which I thought went VERY well The funny thing was I take the bus into town, and like I had said before, Påske is a VERY big deal here, but Thursday and Friday are actually bigger deals than Saturday and Sunday. NO ONE was really out on Thursday. The bus ride into town only took me 20 minutes since it didn't have to stop anywhere since no one was riding the bus. Getting into the city early, I realize that the streets are empty, which of course prompted me to take a few pictures!


It was kinda eerie and beautiful how the buildings stood lining the streets. I knew this would not last long since summer is coming, with the good weather and tourists with it. I wanted to take advantage of the peacefulness of the streets. Then, I turned a corner, and BOOM! A totally different vibe. There were bottles and trash all over the streets, men yelling and singing in all the bars, and Politi (police) EVERYWHERE! It looked like I had somehow just missed the riot a street over. What happened? I later come to find out that the big rival soccer game was taking place that day, and the opposing team's fans were not allowed in the stadium because they had gotten SO ROWDY at the last game! (Dodger fans, take note...) So, they had declared on the internet that since they could not go in the stadium, they would take to the streets! So, the politi were there to make sure they didn't get too crazy. Man, I hope CPh has a good maid service, because it was going to be a long night...

Anyway, I only went into work for 4 hours, and the boss was not going to be there. However I met a couple of really nice Danes who are actually leaving at the end of the month. I told them that I wanted to work on my Danish. The guy spoke English and Danish to me, but the girl really took it to heart. It was embarrassing and difficult at first, but as the night went on, I was picking things up, and realized that being forced into the language thing is really helping me. The hostel guests are very interesting. You really get a mix of people from everywhere! I met a nice couple sitting at the bar from Australia, and actually a group of Michigan girls...SO random! I overheard an American speaking to a European. It made me crack up. It went like this:

European Guy: "So, where are you from?"
American "Minnesota"
European: No, but what state is that in?"
American: "Actually..that IS that state..."

It made me giggle and not feel so bad when people ask me where Denmark is, and if it's the capital of Sweden. (Ps - friends of mine, these questions are no longer acceptable since you probably KNOW a little about Danmark now!)

The couple at the bar overheard me say it was my first night to a few customers and the guy was like, 'really?? This is your first night! Let me write a recommendation to your boss! Give me paper and a pen! What's his name??" Couldn't believe that was happening, but I gave it to him anyway. He scribbled something, and walked off with his girl. I read it and was pleasantly surprised. He wrote my boss a nice note and wished me luck. I never got his name, only that they were leaving the next day. Thank you universe for random acts of kindness!

That night I went out afterwards with my Danish friends and had a VERY hyggelig night! We began at this AWESOME bar called Bar 7. It is so cool!! Check it out here! And I found my NEW favorite drink!! It's AMAZING! A LICORICE drink served in a MASON JAR, topped with a LICORICE CANDY PIPE!! I have never been so happy!!!! I sat there laughing, enjoying my friends, and clutching my mason jar. It was pure bliss!


The next day I spent working on my tour guide speech. Man, memerizing all this text is exhausting and really hard to organize my thoughts. I am going to have to go on this tour a few times next week to really nail it. Get it in my body, you know?? And I also watched this AMAZING documentary on the Danish resistance during WWII. Danmark was actually pretty freaking awesome in the sense that they were able to save 95% of the Jews in Denmark and get them to safety in Sweden. if you have an hour to spare, and want to watch a really cool movie about it, here is a documentary on The Resistance! Definitely worth a watch! Bedste then of course cooked us an AMAZING Danish Pork dinner with mushrooms and onions. It's like the filet mignon of pork! So yummy...


Today I braved the snow, and Bedste made me a fantastic Laks (salmon) open-faced very traditional lunch. It's called Smørrebrød (smuhr-bro) and it's fancy open-faced sandwiches that Denmark is known for. Like little pieces of art. Ie- see example below!

Amazing! Also, to continue my Danish WWII Resistance education, I watched an awesome movie called FLAMMEN OG CITRONEN. It's about two Danish resistance fighters. If anyone is a Mads Mikkelsen, check it out, because he is pretty bad ass. I highly recommend.

Tomorrow is Easter, and what do you think I'm doing?? Having Easter lunch with Bedste...and then going to the Danish DEEJAY Awards, of course!!! (And yes, that is how they spell the word DJ) It will be a very interesting Easter...a first for sure!

Words of the Day

nemt (nemt) - easy
hvis (vis) - if
birkes (beer-keys) - poppy seeds
mel (meel) - flour

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