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My new favorite word!

rain 3 °C

To clarify the name of this blog, it is a word that can be used as a noun, verb or adjective I think. Sah-den is how you would phonetically pronounce it. It's kind of like, "There we go!" Or ""Finished!" Or "Yeah!" I dunno...it has crept into my vocab as a filler word, and I am kinda liking it...

So the last few days have been full of successes and failures, which I will mark out here:


My Danish bank account is officially opened...YES!

I received my DanKort (which is the Danish checkcard/Visa card that they have here) This is huge because I have not been able to use my Chase check card at many places, so I have been forced to carry a lot of cash around which totally sucks! So now, I can be like a normal person!

I OFFICIALLY received an offer for the bartending job at the hostel, so YAY! They are drawing up a contract now which I have to sign, but I have a job offer which is amazing!

I bought my first bus pass card which in itself is also mundane to a Dane, but exciting to me, because it makes me "normal" (in the Danish sense) And now I can ride the bus and train as many times as I want! (In only 3 zones.)

I learned how to put a bike chain back on! Never knew how, and I had no choice, so proud of myself there!

Mini Setbacks (Failures sound so rough)

It took me twenty minutes to figure out the washing machine in Bedste's building...forcing her to make 2 trips down the 3 flights of stairs, which meant two trips back UP the stairs! It is SO FRUSTRATING when you don't totally know how to do EVERYTHING right away! I know, I am COMPLETELY impatient!

I thought I would know my 12 page, 3 hour Kobenhavn tour by now, but I don't. It's REALLY hard and it was SO MUCH info! I am a bit disappointed in myself since I had given myself a target of a week, but have failed at that.

Påske ended with me going to the Danish Dj Awards with my cousins. Yeah...not your TYPICAL Sunday Easter events, but it was a blast! We started the afternoon by having an early dinner at my cousin's restaurant where she works. It's an adorable cafe tucked away in a popular part of town. We had champagne, a great while wine, and finished it off with Baileys! SO yummy!


A funny little sidenote. As we sat by the fireplace, talking with her friends, and having a hyggelig time, this group of guys came in...acting all cool and whatnot. I have no idea who they are, so of course, I'm my sassy, sarcastic self. One guy is half Irish, and trying to be all cool. Still...don't care. Then he breaks out into song. What is this..High School Musical 3?!? I don't really understand..until his friends tell me, "Oh, he's a big deal here in Denmark, he is top of Itunes...blah blah." They show me something on an iPhone, and I'm like, Ok sure, whatever. I get up to go to the bathroom, and the other employees had been witnessing the whole thing and were laughing with me. Apparently it's hysterical and they love that I am giving this guy sh**, and he is very full of himself, and I just don't care. "He's trying to impress you." One girl said. "he's sued to girls falling all over him." Ok..well...sorry, I'm friends with Mr. Flynt, have met Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and waited on so many famous people, I can't count on one hand. Not to sound cocky but...keep trying buddy...

The Dj Awards were insane...a long night, but fun. Bedste realized that me and my cousin would be useless the next day, so she makes us a famous Danish meal called flæskesteg,. A pork roast that's crispy on top with these little bacon pieces. So good!!! We ate way too much and were way too full!


The evening was quiet as I worked on my three hour tour (insert Gilligan's Island theme here). I played Rummy with Bedste, and we watched a little TV.

The next day, my cousin and I went into Kobenhavn and tooled around, and I bought some fake flowers to put on my bike!!! (Pictures to soon follow!) I had a meeting with the hostel to talk about how he felt about me working there, and I had to meet one more manager. So, I go in, have a quick meeting, and they offer me the job..YAY! An official job offer two weeks later! So pumped! So between this job, tour guiding, and Danish school hopefully starting up this month, I think I will be pretty busy, which is of course, my style! The rest of the day we go window shopping, making mental notes of where I will be returning once I am employed again, and make reservations to go see the Danish movie, En Kongelig Affære. (A Royal Affair) It stars the wonderful Mads Mikkelsen, and tells the story about the Danish King Christian VII, and how his wife cheated on him with their doctor. Check out the trailer here! Great movie, if you can check it out. Unfortunately, I had no subtitles, so I only understood about half. My cousin helped, but I felt bad because I didn't want to bother her or the people around me.

As I rode home on the bus, one of my first waves of homesickness hit. It's frustrating not to understand everything. I'm afraid I'll never learn. I'm afraid that it will just be too hard. What if I don't get out of it what I was looking for? What if I was wrong to leave one life, and go to another? We all have doubts like this wherever we are. I almost think it's that little voice inside your head that you are usually so good at silencing, but once in a while it comes out again. What if, what if, what if....

I ride home on my bike in the cold dark night, with the feeling of rain in the air. I get home, and without over analyzing, talk with Bedste. I didn't realize it until it was over, but we actually had a twenty minute conversation. I actually understood all what she had to say, and vice versa. Then, I gave her a present that me and my cousin had bought her. A cheese slicer (osteskærer). And when she opened the package, and I saw the big smile grow across her face...it was as if all the "What ifs" faded away...

Today I went into town and figured the only way for me to learn this tour, is to take it....every day this week. I emailed with my other boss and told him I would be ready to be tested next Tuesday, so I have a week. One week. I'm an actress, I can do this. It's a cold, windy, gray day. I cannot WAIT for summer and sunshine. We weave through the cobblestone streets, and a part of me still cannot believe that I am lucky enough to call this place home. And then the guide says something that actually brings a tear to my eye. "Hyggelig is a feeling you have when you know you are in the exact right place, at the exact right time." And that's when I realize...that I am. All these crazy emotions, and thoughts in my head...all the excitement, and then the doubt...all the unknown creeping around every corner. That's what we all feel, but then it's worth it for these moments, when you KNOW that you did EXACTLY what you had to do...the right thing.

I will NEVER get sick of taking photos of this city...


Words of the Day

sidste (see-sta) - last
pause (pow-sa) - little break
Jeg kan godt lige (Yigh can gut lee) - I like
jeg er ligeglad (Yigh can lee glad) - I don't care
bekymret (bee-kur-ma-red) - concerned

This weekend I have a big party go to to, so it should be interesting. Until then...study study study!!! :)

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LOVE it and totally agree -- exact right place at the exact right time. You're an inspiration lady!

by Kristy

I'm so glad that you are having such a wonderful time and are getting closer and closer to being a true "Dane". I'm envious of the food you are eating, too! Looks fantastic!

by Ilona

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