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"Should we speak English or Danish?"

Happy One Month Anniversary to me!

rain 7 °C

It's amazing what you will do when you have no other choice...this month has been a continual attest to that. Maybe I am REALLY in this mood now because I just got home, and am FREEZING because I have ridden home...on my bike....for twenty minutes...in the POURING RAIN!

Now I know, many people might think, c'mon Michelle, don't be such a baby....and yes, I have done this more than a few times in the last month that I have lived here, but still....this was massive pouring....and I was in a wool jacket....in a dress..and tights..and boots with heels....definitely not rain appropriate at ALL!!!! See...this is what I WISH I looked like...


While this is what I ACTUALLY looked like...


MINUS the umbrella unfortunately. Yeah..it was pretty bad. I'm drinking tea currently in my pj pants to warm up the rest of my body...

So the last week has been.....well.....I dunno surreal. But that can be the theme of the last month here....totally surreal. I still can't believe what I'm actually doing. I have gone through every emotion you can possibly go through in the last month, I swear. It seems like I'm on vacation, but I'm not. It seems like this is temporary, but it's not immediately...and yet, I feel like I am already in somewhat of a routine. I have my bus card, my two jobs (yay!), my friends, thank god, and my family...thank GOD!!! And of course...my BIKE!!!! I took her in today all the way to the other side of the city on the train, which was a total adventure because before today I have only used her to ride around by where I live, which is only like a 3 mile radius...not too far or too busy. Today we went on trains, and in neighborhoods I didn't really know. All I was thinking was, oh my gosh, I CAN'T do this, it's too hard, and too much trouble...the streets are too crowded, I'm going to get hit by a car, and die. And then I realized, I couldn't think of all those crazy things because they didn't help, and it distracted me from what was at hand...getting to where I wanted and needed to go.

I guess that can be said about life in general. So many times we try to make excuses, and say stuff is too hard, and we will get hurt, or die or something bad will happen, but if we just focus on the task at hand....it works out, right? Maybe not the way you planned, (aka- getting caught in the POURING RAIN with no umbrella or rain jacket at night), but it ends up working out one way or the other. I also realized....if I didn't go take my bike in today....who else would? If I don't go into the city and figure out my taxes, who else will do it for me?? If I don't apply for jobs, who else will on my behalf? AS the bus drove away without me in the middle of the city, and I watched my friend get on, I realized, "If I don't start pedaling to get home, no one is going to do it for me....so suck it up Michelle, and just do it."

It's like my bedstemor told me the other day. Unfortunately she has been not feeling well because she hurt her back, and so she's been in pain and luckily, me and my cousins are here to help her. But it's great because I'm here to run up and down the stairs, go run to the grocery store, do whatever she needs, and she totally appreciates it, but she told me, 'Michelle, if I don't do things, who will do them for me?" And she's right! She has lived alone for 14 years now. She has always known I'm sure, but quickly adjusted to the fact that: it's me, or nobody.

In the last week, I have had some discoveries, and some...surprises we could say....

1) I MASTERED the washing machine..yay! Ok, mastered isn't the right word, but at least I figured it out this time. From now on.....I OWN that thing :)

2) Riding your bike in the city for the first time is SCARY and should NOT be done if you are NOT a PROFESSIONAL. Do NOT f*** with the Danes and their bike etiquette because they will kill you! (Or at least scare the bee-jesus out of you!!)

3) Not all Danes are super accommodating. Now before I explain this, let me point out how LUCKY I am to have such AMAZING Danish friends and family. The reason why I bring up this point is that I met a couple of Danish people who actually discouraged me from speaking Danish! Some rubbish on how our accents are crap, and they lose patience, and what's the point since everyone here speaks English. I quickly retorted saying that I know my accent is crap, and I fuck up words, but I don't care because I came here to learn the f***** language, so that's what I am going to do. My Danish friends here say that those guys were stupid for telling me that, but if anything, it shows how awesome my friends and family are who are supporting me in this very difficult journey of learning the language

4) Which brings me to the next point....I am trying to enroll in Danish school..which is now proving difficult. I went into the Danish school to be tested and evaluated on my placement. The woman spoke Danish to me, I spoke it back to her, I proved I can understand, I looked through a Danish book..and then she proceeded to tell me that verbally I am too far advanced for the beginner level...(duh) but my writing isn't good enough for the 2nd level. (boo) So, now I have to go to another school to get my writing up to my reading. The funny thing was that the paper I received from city hall said that I couldn't speak Danish, so the woman at the school was confused. I told her, 'I received that paper 3 days after moving here..I have now lived here almost a month..." She then understood. Living with a woman who doesn't speak English certainly has it's benefits, as it's proving...

That is why I have entitled this blog the way I have, because now I go to parties, and meet Danish people, and am in this weird place of, "Well, I can speak Danish, but feel elementary and slow when I speak it..and if you speak it....I understand like half....but if you speak English I will never learn. A weird in between place, but hey, if that's my biggest complaint, I guess I'm not doing so bad. #1%Problems.

I have a lot of pictures of food this time...Bedste has been working overtime being amazing...


And then I went out one night and had a lovely dessert at the restaurant where my cousin works...so yummy...


Needless to say...I will not be wearing pants this summer...only dresses and skirts for my expanding waistline :)

Words of the Day

møde (mu-tha) - meeting
firma (fear-ma) - business
forvirret (four-v-el) - confused
tørre (tuhr) - dry

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