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They love their flowers...and their chocolates!

A lesson in Påske!

overcast 2 °C

This entry is loaded with stuff...but I wanted to dedicate it to Påske, which is Easter in Danish! It seems that I decided to move right before a GIANT holiday here in Danmark! Yes, we all know Easter is a holiday we celebrate in the States, but I had NO IDEA it was SO BIG here! SO much, that they even have a special BEER that they put out for it! Unbelieveable!!! The two special beers they put out during the year are the Påske beer, and the Jule beer (Christmas beer) And if THAT wasn't reason enough to celebrate, I have noticed in the last few days, since EVERYTHING is basically closed from Thursday until Tuesday, everyone is stocking up on food, (mostly salmon), chocolate, and flowers! The Danes LOVE their sweets, and their flowers! It was so refreshing to see everyone grab a bundle of tulips, or a spring potted plant to purchase with the rest of their grocery lists. Gotta love the Danes!

The last few days have been full of....everything!!! I spent Monday with my friend Martin out in the country...it was his turn to show me where he calls home and all of HIS hangouts. First off, I was just proud that I was able to take the train there by myself. Ok, so maybe it was just one train, so it was SUPER EASY, but it was a mini-victory for me, so there! We started by having an AWESOME lunch at this Kebab place. Such a bargain for this amazing lamb wrap. And they have this chili that goes with it, with so much flavor...wow! That was my only meal that day. Seriously, I didn't eat dinner! Then afterwards, he took me for a walk around Frederiksborg Castle and the Royal Gardens! It was so pretty! Only problem was it was 2 degrees out, and SO windy, so our leisurely stroll was more of a brisk, short walk.


The cool thing about the garden, was that they actually had 4 monogrammed gardens for the royals! Each garden had the initials of the Queen Margarite II, Prince Frederick, Princess Mary and the Queen's French husband. I thought that was a nice perk for the Royals! Where's my monogrammed garden?! Things to buy when I win the lotto...


Then it got to be too cold, so I phoned a friend...


And we went into the city to have some tea and coffee, and warm up. Hillerod is a nice little city in the middle of Sjælland, which is the big island that we live on. It was a hygge time just catching up and enjoying each other's company. Then Martin took me to Hundested, a little harbor town where he is from. I used to go there when we would visit with my family, because I had family who lived there. It's one of those places, where during the cold months, it's very small, but since it's right on the beach, and only about an hour and a half drive from Kobenhavn, a lot of Danes like to go there in the summer, so it doubles in size! So he showed me around, and before I took the train home again, we stopped in at the local brewery and had a Påske beer! It was pretty tasty, and the alcohol content was higher than regular beers, so after just a small one it went to my head. Craziness!


On my train ride home, a little light headed, looking out the window, I was just so happy, and I was really excited for my job interview with the tour guide company! Things seem to be going pretty well, and I seem to be making progress, so that's a good thing! Also, I was VERY excited because Martin gave me a bike lock, and I bought lights for my bike so I can ride at night....yay! These are all essentials to living in Danmark! But it wasn't just ANY bike lock...it's none other than a LIZARD bike lock! So now, try to picture me with this nameless orange bike, with an AWESOME lizard bike lock. That's right people...I am going to have the BEST bike in Kobenhavn...and I'm going to be AWESOME!!


The next day, I am READY for action! A job interview, and a Påske dinner! I feel like a real Dane! I begin my day with news that the CPH Food tours received my application, and they will get back to me. A little glimmer of hope, and at least they got it, so that's good!! I then take the bus into Copenhagen, and I find my way to the meeting place. I have my interview with the walking tours, which seemed to have gone well, and am handed my "training packet"....which is essentially TWELVE PAGES of a walking tour in the city. OMG. This will be the role of a lifetime! I am giving myself a week to learn it because the sooner I begin my training, the sooner I can begin working! But I have to pass a test by giving the "manager" a tour. This will all be interesting. I hope I can pull it off....

I then go back home, apply to a few more jobs online, freshen up, and take my bike out to my friends for her Påske dinner! It's great because it's with all of the other tour guides of my soon-to-be-new job, so it will be a great get-to-know-you dinner! Everyone is very sweet, and obviously speak English, and I come to realize how well traveled so many people are which brings me to my next point.....Soapbox please...

Why can't we just travel more as Americans? It's something that out culture ceases to accept. I have thought about this for many years, yet it still hasn't been resolved. Let's call it a cultural thing. But none the less, we haven't completely accepted it. Sure, people love to travel in the States, and we love our vacations, but the emphasis on it is just not there like in other places in the world where I have lived. I'm sitting at a table full of people my age and younger from Canada, Poland, Sweden, Norway, and they have all been to multiple continents, speak multiple languages, and studied in multiple countries. I'm in awe at how "little" I have traveled compared to these people, and am frankly embarrassed at how I am currently working on my second language. Yeah, I know it's different because they are forced to learn English in elementary school, but still! I don't know. It was refreshing to be with such an eclectic group of people, many who have 1 Danish parent like myself, and it gives me something to strive for! So what's the lesson here kids?? TRAVEL!


After many hours of talking, drinking, eating, and having a hyggelig time, we call it an evening, and go on our way. Now, I must admit, I had a few ciders, and was feeling it. And there's nothing like the brisk, FREEZING air to wake you up, and remind you, hey you have a job to do...get back home in one piece...on your BIKE! So I put my new lights on my wonderful bike, unlock the lizard, and head home. Let me tell you, riding while intoxicated...everyone should give it a try! At least I wasn't driving! I might've gone on the sidewalk a few times, and been a bit wobbly at stops, but I made it back in one piece. As I drifted off into slumber, I thought it had been a rigtig Dansk day! (very Danish day!)

Today I had no plans but to DIVE into my BIBLE of a training packet, and begin my quest. However, the day began with a wonderful surprise! My phone rang from an unknown number. Huh, what could THIS be. It was a manager calling from a hostel I had applied to, to work as a BARTENDER! NO WAY! I just applied yesterday! He really liked my resume, and wanted me to come in TODAY! It was 11, and he wants a meeting at 3. Ok, I can totally do this! But not before heading out on my bike with Bedste to do grocery shopping for the day. So here we go...me and my lizard bike, and the cute old lady in her fuzzy hat! We hit up not one....not two.....but THREE different places! After all of our bike baskets are full, we come home again, I get ready, and then head back out on my bike, to go to the bus, to go to the city! (Hey, I'm getting the hang of this now!)

I stop by my friend who I had dinner with last night, grabbed some notes for the tour, and then headed back into CPH (that's short for Copenhagen for all you clever people!) I have my interview which went REALLY well....and an hour and a half later, I'm asked to job shadow tomorrow....yay! It seems like it would be a fun place to work, and most of the guests will be speaking English so that's a plus. The employees are Danish, so I can work on my Danish with them, and the manager said he will work with me when I start Danish school hopefully next week! This is all sounding good! I'm on a super high when I leave with the possibility of a job coming even sooner than I imagine, and then I catch the bus to take it home. I tell Bedste the good news, and she is thrilled! We have an amazing Danish dinner called Hakkebøf, which is essentially a pan sauteed hamburger patty made with seasonings, topped with sauteed onions, served with new potatoes, brown gravy, and we added a side salad. SO GOOD!


After dinner, I have a girls night with a couple friends I've known forever! We grab our bikes, and bike to a cafe to have cozy evening coffees while catching up. I can't help but think as we rode our bikes home again, "We are like Sex and the City!! Only in Copenhagen....and on bikes! How awesome IS this!" Looking back on the last few days, and with SO much happening, it's weird because I feel like I've been here forever, yet it's all so new. I then think to myself...yeah.....life is pretty good right now :)

Words of the Day

bestemmer (bee-stem-er) - decide
hver (vahr) - every
skraldespand (scral-a-spent) - trash can

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They throw you in the water, and it's sink or swim...

I choose SWIM!

overcast 4 °C

My what a couple of days!!

It's amazing what one's body can do and can adapt to when needed. These last two days have been jam packed with a lot of learning experiences and surprises to myself. As I sit here and reflect, I just can't get over that I'm here and just doing this. Well...first going back to yesterday...

I woke up, and began the day having my friend Martin come over. We decided that we were going to explore Kobenhavn together before I had my friend's birthday party. So he came by and picked me up, and took me to one of his favorite places in Denmark...Christiana!


Now, for those of you, who have heard of this interesting and I do MEAN interesting place...basically it used to be an old army base during the war, but once the war was over, the people decided to keep it, and make it their own..country basically. They govern themselves, rule themselves, are pretty much self sufficient. So in turn, they make their own rules and regulations...and this all takes place in the middle of Kobenhavn! It's actually pretty impressive. However, because they are their own entity, they allow things that the EU does not allow, like...weed. So, you can go there, and they have something called "Pusher Street", where they openly sell weed and hash, and you can buy it and smoke it there, and walk around, no problem. If this all interests you, you can read more about this crazy place here

So...to add to this, it was SO COLD and WINDY outside. I'm walking around, freezing my BUTT off..then realizing it's only 4 degrees outside!! Ahhhh!! But we buy a cup of coffee, and he proceeds to show me this crazy place!


It's fascinating to me to walk around and see this group of people living so peacefully, just doing what they want in this hippie community. It's interesting to see harmony in such a strange way. I appreciate it for what it is..but could never live here or hang out for too long. A little too liberal for me!


After we walk around, and try to stay warm from the wind, we then go and try to find a place for lunch. Harder than it sounds...Martin and I both don't know where to go, so on our wild goose chase around town we go. We drive in a circle..stop at a random art gallery, check out a photo project, drive around some more, see weird buildings in Amager, only to end up in a Middle Eastern neighborhood, and check out a Mexican restaurant called Senorita. Yes, I know, I just came from the land of good Mexican food, but it looked inviting, we were freezing our a**** off, so we ducked in.

What a lovely surprise! It was so warm and inviting, with great little wooden tables and chairs, an all-you-can-eat taco bar, and awesome lunch specials. So, what do I do? Order the cheap house margarita on the first page! What a deal...until it comes out, and I realize why it's only 45 kroner...


It's a MINI margarita! But a margarita all the same! I was able to speak only Dansk to the waiter, so that makes me happy! Martin and I have a lovely meal, and then we are off to visit his brother! We have en Hyggelig time. (I will explain that word later. It's VERY important.) We have coffee, talk about traveling, music, etc. Then it's time for me to head off to the party...yay!

I get there, and am SO EXCITED to see Anne Mette! We met in 2005 when we worked together in London! It was so awesome because we kept in touch, me visiting her in Danmark, and her visiting me in LA. Now, I live here, and can hang out with her! It's a great place that she shares with a bunch of other girls. I see a room full of people, and am excited to be at my first Danish party! So I put my stuff down and grab a plate.

Anne tells me, "Go! Tell people to speak English, make yourself at home." But it was so strange....and hard to explain. But it's like, I'm sitting there, looking at all these people, having a great time, talking to one another, caught up in their own conversations. The LAST thing I want to do is to go interrupt and tell them , 'hey! I'm American, and I can't understand Danish! Slow down, and what are we talking about?!?" I don't want to be a bother, and be THAT girl, you know?? Anyways, so I sit there, try to listen and understand, but it's difficult when there are a lot of people talking, and they all talk SO FAST. I remember foreign exchange students yelling at me for speaking English too fast and to slow down. I now feel their pain. It's funny how alone you can feel in a room full of people. So I sit, eat and drink, looking for an opportunity to jump in somewhere...

After a few glasses of wine, I realize that I need to get OVER myself, and go for it. I keep thinking of how you just have to jump in. It's like Anne Mette said to me when I got there, and I saw I had to just start speaking Danish. "Jump in Michelle....sink or swim!" We get so used to being in our comfort zones, and not being ALIVE. It's tough putting ourselves out there, and just saying, F*** it. It's not usually easy and not always fun, but the rewards are always worth it! I start talking to people, one by one, because that's the easiest way for me to speak Danish. And by the 3rd person, I realize...hey, I can totally DO this!!! I am speaking DANISH to these awesome people, and they are speaking Danish to me, and they understand me, and they are answering my questions. Yes, of course, I insert a few English words here and there, but I am pulling it off!! They are impressed with my Danish...yay!!!

The rest of the party is AWESOME! Anne Mette's friends are so sweet and nice. They told me they don't mind speaking slowly and helping me with words. But I have noticed, it is the Danish polite way to speak English to foreigners because they think it will be easier for everyone if they do that, rather than watch us struggle through Danish. But in my case, I need to struggle through the tough times in order to get better. So I keep speaking, and learning new words...it's fantastic!! We had a very hyggelig night.

So, in Danish culture, the word hyggelig is important because it's big part of Danish culture. And you can't even really describe it..you just have to experience it, and once you do...you know that you are. It's magical, and all around the world, it has made lists of words that just do not translate. You can read about it here

And in tribute to my new friends, they told me that I need to share BETTER Danish music than Medina, so here is a popular Danish group with their hit from last year that I really like. Check it out here. Danish rap!

So after our hyggelig evening, my new Danish friends help me figure out how to take the bus home. By now it's almost 1 am, and I have to make it back to Bedste's, which is a good 40 minutes away. I have to admit, I'm a little nervous taking the bus at this time of night, and by now, I see that it is 2 degrees out! Are you kidding me?!? So they walk me to the bus stop, where I only have 9 mins to wait. They wish me well, and off they go. I watch all the drunk people walking around, talking, doing interesting things. You want to people watch?? Come to Norreport station at 1 am. It will NOT disappoint!

I get off the bus and start my 15 minute walk home, and I reflect on my day. How did I go from LA, my car, and 80 degree weather...to Denmark, walking home from the bus at 1 am, and freezing my a** off?? Don't get me wrong, I'm totally NOT complaining, but in awe of how 5 days ago I was driving down 5 Mile, singing Kelly Clarkston with Karen. Crazy.

Today was the day that me and Bedste decided to relax. And I must mention that my WHOLE body is in pain from doing Bar Method yesterday for the first time in like two months. Uh...this will be a painful road to get back to being in shape. I took my bike, (which is still nameless, but we have all decided it needs a very Danish name), and put air in her tires, and gave her a ride! I think we are going to get along just fine! And then I find the job of my dreams on a website...a tour guide that leads a tour around Copenhagen explaining all the different FOODS!!! OMG, I WANT this job!! So I applied, and am keeping my fingers crossed. Check it out..How cool does this look?? I look up a few more jobs, and Bedste does some knitting. She then starts to make dinner, and treats me to an AMAZING Danish dinner!!! Because we are both in a lazy mood, she makes for me a traditional "easy" Danish meal called æg kage (egg cake), which is essentially a frittata topped with different vegetables and ham or bacon. Then, before we sit down she says, "Do you want some schnapps??" I did NOT expect her to say that! But she explains it's because we were kinda cold today. I say, "Do YOU want schnapps?" She says 'Yes!" Then I say I am going to pair our schnapps with some water. She goes, "Would you like beer too?" I say, sure! She grabs some beer and brings it to the table. I come to find out, this is what you do in Danmark when you are cold, and want to have a cozy dinner to warm up!

As I sit across from her, while we say "skål!" (cheers), I realize how awesome this is to be drinking aquavit and beer with my Bedstemor. Only in Danmark would this be happening! I love my life!! We had a very hyggelig dinner and then we decide to play some cards, and have some coffee and cake with whipped cream. We then end our evening watching a funny Danish game show, a crazy Danish sketch show, and just enjoying each other's company!

Words of the Days

selvfølgelig (self-full-lee) -Of course
for sikkert (for sick-ert) - For sure
langsomt (lang-some) - slowly
vokset op (vock-sen up) - grown up

Tomorrow I'm excited to go and buy a light for my bike, run a few errands, and Martin is going to show me where he lives, since I showed him LA. I just hope it warms up because these windy days are a little brutal, but none the less, I have learned more about myself in the last five days, than I've learned in the last few years!

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It's official.....I'M OFFICIAL!

I'm on my way! Look out Danmark!

sunny 11 °C


So..today was a BIG day....I got my CPR number! (Which essentially is my Danish SSN.) Which means I now am an official registered-with-the-government-and-can-now-work-and-pay-taxes-DANE!!! SOOOO EXCITED! It now means I can setup my life, which is really nice. I'm so impatient. I want everything done right away. My Dad says, 'Michelle, you've only been there 3 days." But I want everything to be go, go go!

I started the day picking up groceries for Bedste, going to the kommune, and getting my number, and then also inquiring about Danish language courses. Even though they don't pay you, at least you get them for free. A man helped me and referred me to one of the best schools in Kobenhavn (Danish spelling for your grammar people out there.) I'm SO excited to get started, but I have to wait to call them next week since the whole country is basically off until Wednesday for Easter holidays. Bad time to do anything official around here...

I wanted to include this video because I have been obsessed with listening to it. I really like this Danish pop artist. (Think Danish Britney Spears.) So I wanted to include it. Hope you enjoy!
Check it out!

After spending a couple hours sorting all that out, I went to run to the bank to open my account. Yay! Now, it's funny how one's body can acclimate to its surroundings very quickly. Although I do NOT have a car, (miss you Karen!) I am somehow very used to walking everywhere. So I walk up to the bank, and go inside, only to find out that this particular branch cannot perform any actual duties, it's just a consulting branch, (whatever that is.) So I have to go to their actual branch a couple miles down the street in the opposite direction. Of course, I left my bus card at home, so I need to run back to the apartment, grab my bus card, look up where this bank is, then go back down to the main street, to find out I've just missed the bus and have to wait 20 minutes for the next one. (Did I mention that I'm AWESOME at public transit??) Then it comes, I grab it, and then go to the bank. When I meet with someone they scan my passport and say they will call me next week to come back and sign the papers, and we can order my Visa card. I was hoping they could just open it right then and there but ce la vie. I then stop by the post office to mail my mom, and then go back to the bus to find out that I just missed it AGAIN, (Once again, awesome), and then take it back home.

But before I go back home, I realize I should take advantage of my new CPR number, and get a library card. That was great because now I can check out music, books, and movies, and it's a 5 min walk from Bedste's. I come home, have an awesome dinner, and then start looking for jobs. Oh! Good news! I have a meeting with the manager for the tour guide company I'm going to work for on Tuesday to discuss training, etc., so that's REALLY exciting!!!

Now onto my next big project...my bike. So, my amazing friend Martin was able to get me my very first bike!!! If anyone thinks of a great name for her, please let me know!

Now, as you may or may not know, this country has a HUGE bike culture. So much, that there is a blog about it, and it spawned other blogs to begin about other bike countries. My new goal is appear on this blog:
Amazing website and one of my goals!

So...I go outside to get my bike and put air in the tires, only to see the chain is off. I struggle for a while, figure out I can't do it, and then go upstairs with oil filled hands to google how to. I then get distracted and start looking for jobs again, and then start to fall asleep. This seems to be my pattern. Every night between 7:30-8, I get soooo sleepy. But I power through, get a second wind, and then can't go asleep again. Lame. So Bedste makes us coffee, we sit down, play cards, (which she SLAUGHTERS me at this time), and then we call it a night.

Words of the Day
(phonetic pronunciation)
dyr (dur) - expensive OR deer
have (hayve) -garden
mareridt (mahr-rigt) -nightmare

Also, for those of you who have been paying attention, I have put the temperature in Celsius to get myself used to this metric system. If interested, an easy way to convert it, someone taught me: double the number, and add 30. That brings you to a close estimate.

Tomorrow is my friend's birthday party, and I think I'm going out with my cousin after that! Should be a good day....hey, I might even work out!! But let's not get ahead of ourselves...

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Oh my gosh....I LIVE HERE!

It's actually dawning on me, that this is my new home!

sunny 10 °C

Day 2

I know it sounds CRAZY, but today it was starting to sink in that, "Hey, I'm actually not going anywhere for a while. Imagine that!"

I wanted to start my day early, and make sure I got everything done that I wanted to get done. Jet lag is STILL annoying, but whatever, I will deal. I also applied for a job in a hostel. It looked fun, and I figured, "Hey, if I can work for the Four Seasons, I can handle some foreigners with community cots and free internet." And let me just say, for two ladies who speak two different languages, me and my bedstemor are just chatting away all day! From when we wake up till when we go to sleep. And I must admit I'm pretty proud of myself how much Danish I am remembering and picking up CONSTANTLY. It's just amazing when you need to communicate with someone, how you go into survival mode, and words you didn't even KNOW you KNEW just come outta nowhere. Totally insane.

First task of the day was to go grocery shopping with Bedste...or so I thought. Instead, she writes down a list of things she needs to make dinner, hands me some money, and sends me on my way. Uh...this should be interesting.

Ok, I can do this, hit up the grocery store, then the "little green man" (Literally that is the name of his shop. He sells fresh fruit and veggies), and then the "fish man" from Bonholm is here with his cart. He comes once a week with fresh fish, along with the "Cheese man" who has his own cart and fresh cheese. Apparently Thursdays are good shopping days. It's amazing to see how many people are out at 9:30 buying groceries, saying hello to each other, taking the babies out in carriages. So cozy and neighborly. I was also excited that I was able to buy everything using my Danish. Things are getting a little easier, I just have to actually think before I open my mouth. (Yeah, a new concept for me.)

As I walk back to the apartment, I see a cute woman in a cute fuzzy hate riding toward me on my bike...and it none other than...my bedstemor! Man, was she adorable on her bike with her fuzzy hat! She was on her way to the hair dresser to get her hair trimmed. Let me remind you people, she's 90. Never ceases to amaze.

After having a light lunch, I now venture into the city via public transportation. How hard can it be? I take 2 buses to get into the city. Easy. Wrong. First bus, check. Second bus. I think I'm going the wrong way. Then i get off after one stop, then cross the street to get onto the bus going the opposite way, but the map doesn't look right. Finally, I give in and ask a teenager for help. "You're going the wrong way. You have to cross the street." So, basically where I came from? Awesome. I rock at public transportation!

I then get to the Rådhuspladsen (city square) to meet up with my future job as a tour guide. I am going to go on this 3 hour WALKING tour and see how I like it. I meet up with an old friend who also works for this company and helped get me the job, and for the next three hours we had an AWESOME tour of the city.


As I look around me, I begin to realize...oh my gosh..this storybook place, this wonderful city, is now my home!!!! Inside I am so excited, and just loving the sunshine, and the sights, and the little cafes and the beautiful people. It's amazing, all of it!!! And for the first time, I realize, I am not rushed to see anything in a short amount of time. I have all the time in the world to explore all the nooks and crannies of this wonderful place!!

After the tour, I take the bus home with my friend. I stop by city hall to look into Danish lessons, only to be told to come back tomorrow. I come home to bedste making one of my FAVORITE dishes, "fiskefilet". Basically pan sauteed flat fish with new potatoes with a fresh parsley sauce. Heaven.On.Earth.


After filling our bellies, we talk for a while, play some cards, (which she KILLS me at), and relax. Bedste informs me she is now going to help me work on my grammar since it's not so good. I also decided since every day I am learning new words I am going to have "Word of the Day" section so you can know some Dansk too!

Word of the Day (I'm catching up from a few days)

27th - mærkeligt = strange
28th -syge = sick
Today -svært = difficult (It took us ten minutes over breakfast to figure this one out.)

Tomorrow is a big day. Fingers crossed, i get my CPR number, can open a bank account, put air in my bike tires, keep organizing my living space. Hopefully hear from the tour guide job on training. Yup. Best part of my day is to see my 90 year old grandma on a bike in her jacket and fuzzy hat with a big smile on her face because I was able to pick up a few groceries. The move to Denmark has already been worth it :)

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Day 1 - How long can Jetlag last???

My first whole day in Denmark! Dios Mios!

overcast 10 °C

Welcome to my very first, ever blog!! I thought I would give it a shot so I can keep family and friends updated on life, as well as keep tabs on myself, and track what progress and and adventures I will be having! My only worry is that I will not be witty enough to sustain...especially on the jet lag that I am operating on, but ce la vie!

In the airport in Chicago, I am watching my interesting bartender. A blond lady who is very no nonsense, hard working, getting everything done. I look and wonder what her story is. Come to find out she is Polish, as is the couple sitting behind me. They overheard me talking about Denmark to the bartender, and they chimed in they were on my flight. Yay! new friends!

Once strapped into the plane, preparing for my eight hour flight ahead of me, I am fortunately seated next to a very sweet Lithuanian woman who has lived in Sweden for 15 years. She was returning from Dallas, so excited to have just seen her boyfriend. She excitedly explains how she loves America, Americans, and asks how we are so happy all the time. (At this point, I don't have the heart to tell her that's not necessarily true, we complain as much as anybody else, and Texas is a crazy state.) Then she proceeds to tell me how her and her boyfriend met, and she goes, 'it just happens. We weren't looking for anything. Life can be very crazy sometimes." Thanks lady....I am realizing this as I am sitting on the flight, about to move across the Atlantic.

Once landed, I try to hurry through customs and to my luggage, knowing my cousin Christian and long time friend Martin are waiting for me. I felt pretty special as I bypass the line marked "All passports", and go directly to the short line marked "EU passports." They take one quick glance, smile and say "Thank you." All I could think about was, "Oh my god...they let me in!" It was so weird...it was like I have this new identity as a Danish citizen. No longer the American visitor (even though we all know I AM), I was looked at like every other Dane. Pretty cool!

As is infamous with me and airports in the last five years, my luggage takes an hour to come out. Whatever. But once we got back to my bedstemor's (grandma's), had a bite to eat, and take a nap, it was all good! I spent the rest of the day unpacking, trying to organize in my new room! I can't believe this is going to be my home for the next few months!! I was super exhausted, so I went to bed around 9:30.

My first full day. Wowsers.

I want to be productive...and if that means waking up at 7:45, so be it. Christian comes, and we go to city hall to get me registered with the government. We then stop to pick up a temporary mobile phone that will hold me until I can get a cheaper monthly plan. Check and check. I then go back to bedste's, grab her prescription, so I can fill it for her. It was a nice stroll down the street. Gives one time to think. I've been doing a lot of that lately...thinking..particularly in Danish. I have got to say...that in itself is exhausting. It helps that my bedste can only speak Danish, so I have no choice but trudge my way through a limited vocabulary, and probably a botched pronunciation of all the words. But bless her, she is so patient and understanding. The woman is 90, and is more patient than me. Please let me inherit those genes...

For all my Bar Method advocates, I went into a sports store today, bought a little workout ball, and a set of 1.5 kilo weights so I can start my Bar method DVDs since I have been slacking for over a month....it will be a painful reunion, I'm sure!

Tomorrow I go on a walking tour, (the job that is basically mine) to make sure I really want this job. (I do.) I also have heard rumors that the country will pay me to learn the language! (Concept!) Since, the quicker I learn Danish, the quicker I become employed and the quicker I can start paying 40% of my paycheck to taxes for all the services they provide. Makes sense.

So, there you have it. I also have a friend's birthday party this weekend...yay! And I have had two amazing home cooked dinners so far. Tomorrow we get up bright and early, go grocery shopping, pay a visit to the fish man, (for fresh fish from Bonholm), and see how the day plays out. So far, I am positive, excited, and ready to see where this will all take me! #BringItOn



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