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1st of May, Danish classes, and Pirates

April goes out...and in comes May

semi-overcast 14 °C


And so it goes....another month I'm here, and trying to get life together! So much has happened, I don't know where to begin and where I have left off. Ahhh...I remember now. I had come home from the soaking wet day out in the city, and was hating the rain. Since then, the rain has subsided, and I have officially started my new job as of the 1st! Yay bartending at a hostel! While fitting in seeing friends in between. ...

Working at a hostel has proved to be much different than my last job at the Four Seasons...the standards are obviously a lot different, but they do appreciate my attention to detail and hard work ethic, so that's a plus. I have also been given free reign on the microphone and sound system, which they might regret later on, but that's ok. No worries!

I began the month on a high note, celebrating a big day in Danish society called the 1st of May. It is celebrated every year on May 1st to celebrate workers rights, union strength, worker togetherness, that sort of thing. You can read more about it here to understand it better. Although originally it started as a legit workers day, now it is more of a big party in one of Copenhagen's big parks. I went with my friend, to meet up with some other people and check it out, since I want to experience everything here. And I was NOT prepared for all of the people and what I saw:


What is that you see there?? Pirates BBQing?? Yes! It was totally awesome! I look over, and see this group of pirates. Ok, this is officially the best day ever! Also, the day is an excuse for Danes to soak up the sun because they don't get enough of it here, and when they do, they go absolutely crazy for it! So that in itself is pretty cool!


I was definitely partaking in a Danish tradition of sitting on a blanket, taking in the sunshine, and enjoying a beer while having a hyggelig time! I always like pretending I'm a local and know what I am doing at all costs.

I began my job that night, and all went well. It's funny because my other coworkers are all Danish, and they are kinda amazed how I can just talk to anyone. I simply answer.."Well, it's me, and I'm an American...we kinda talk to everybody." A little different than Dansh culture. But I really have gotten to know my awesome coworkers, and we have a TON of fun behind the bar! I have convinced a lot of my friends to come visit, and they all approve of my new digs, per say.


Me in my new environment!

The picture isn't the best, but you get the point. The awesome thing about the job is that every day I am meeting people from all over the world with their own set of stories, and life questions. It's cool to see the world through so many perspectives! The one thing about this job that is rough is the hours....if I get home before 3 am, it's an early night. Sometimes I think to myself, "Oh my gosh, when did this become my life?!?"

Bedstemor as usual has made many a plentiful meal for me. I have to say, that I am partial to her smørrebrød. It is so pretty and so yummy! One day, she was in the mood for little shrimp, so I went out, bought a fresh loaf of French bread, fresh lemon, some Greenland shrimp, and she whipped up two beautiful little open faced sandwiches faster than you can say polser brød!


I don't know how she does it, but she does. For Mothers Day, my cousin and I got her a really pretty card from the high end department store here, and gave her some money so she can buy flowers for her terrace, and it made her so happy. But she said to me that to her, every day is Mors Day because every day she realizes the little things I do for her, and the things she does for me have been amazing. The last two weeks of work have been so intense, and I have been coming home at 4 am, exhausted, and then going back to work the next day...it's not easy. But she is so patient, helping wake me up in the mornings, and always cooking, never taking no for an answer. I always remind myself if I'm exhausted, that if she can conquer all the things that she can, I can stay up late a few nights and make it through.


All the yummy food she makes!


All of Bedste's flowers that she takes such good care of! we live in a greenhouse of color!!

It's interesting because I used to love my car Karen because it was my own little personal space and place for just me and my thoughts. Now that place is my bicycle at all hours of the night. As I ride home in darkness, or sometimes as the sun is coming up, (little depressing), I go through every random thought in my mind. I look forward to having the peace around me, and just having my bike whiz me down streets and around corners. Tranquil. Serene. A nice change from the bustling scene and loud music at the bar.

And the BIG news....I started Danish school today, and I totally LOVE it! My class is not so big, but all the people in it are SO SWEET! We have two guys from China, a girl from Australia, a girl from Brazil, another from Peru, a guy from Singapore, and a girl from Africa. And as I sat in the classroom listening to all of them speaking Danish, I thoguht, wow. Look at all these different people with different ideas and dreams coming here and trying to learn this super hard language! It frustrates me when I meet Americans and Canadians that refuse to learn Danish because they say, "Why? Everyone speaks English?" We LIVE here now, that's why you learn! And these people have their own languages, and can speak English, and are now learning Danish...super awesome! I give my hats off to them. This morning I was having a conversation with two guys from China...and we were all speaking Danish. How fucking cool is that?!?

I don't even know if I can keep doing words of the day because every day I am learning so many. My awesome coworkers are helping, as well as friends and Bedste. I used to be so self conscience, and now I'm like,...whatever...F*** it. I will never get better if I don't practice, and I know I'm not perfect, but I will just try anyway, make mistakes, and learn from them. Because that's what life is all about, right?? I thought so :)

Words of the Week

nemlig (nem-lee) - actually
derfor (dear-four) - therefore
pose (pooh-seh) - plastic bag
køleskab (cool-a-scabe-a) - refrigerator
lommelærke (lum-a-lahr-ker) - flask
virkelig (veer-klee) - really

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"Should we speak English or Danish?"

Happy One Month Anniversary to me!

rain 7 °C

It's amazing what you will do when you have no other choice...this month has been a continual attest to that. Maybe I am REALLY in this mood now because I just got home, and am FREEZING because I have ridden home...on my bike....for twenty minutes...in the POURING RAIN!

Now I know, many people might think, c'mon Michelle, don't be such a baby....and yes, I have done this more than a few times in the last month that I have lived here, but still....this was massive pouring....and I was in a wool jacket....in a dress..and tights..and boots with heels....definitely not rain appropriate at ALL!!!! See...this is what I WISH I looked like...


While this is what I ACTUALLY looked like...


MINUS the umbrella unfortunately. Yeah..it was pretty bad. I'm drinking tea currently in my pj pants to warm up the rest of my body...

So the last week has been.....well.....I dunno surreal. But that can be the theme of the last month here....totally surreal. I still can't believe what I'm actually doing. I have gone through every emotion you can possibly go through in the last month, I swear. It seems like I'm on vacation, but I'm not. It seems like this is temporary, but it's not immediately...and yet, I feel like I am already in somewhat of a routine. I have my bus card, my two jobs (yay!), my friends, thank god, and my family...thank GOD!!! And of course...my BIKE!!!! I took her in today all the way to the other side of the city on the train, which was a total adventure because before today I have only used her to ride around by where I live, which is only like a 3 mile radius...not too far or too busy. Today we went on trains, and in neighborhoods I didn't really know. All I was thinking was, oh my gosh, I CAN'T do this, it's too hard, and too much trouble...the streets are too crowded, I'm going to get hit by a car, and die. And then I realized, I couldn't think of all those crazy things because they didn't help, and it distracted me from what was at hand...getting to where I wanted and needed to go.

I guess that can be said about life in general. So many times we try to make excuses, and say stuff is too hard, and we will get hurt, or die or something bad will happen, but if we just focus on the task at hand....it works out, right? Maybe not the way you planned, (aka- getting caught in the POURING RAIN with no umbrella or rain jacket at night), but it ends up working out one way or the other. I also realized....if I didn't go take my bike in today....who else would? If I don't go into the city and figure out my taxes, who else will do it for me?? If I don't apply for jobs, who else will on my behalf? AS the bus drove away without me in the middle of the city, and I watched my friend get on, I realized, "If I don't start pedaling to get home, no one is going to do it for me....so suck it up Michelle, and just do it."

It's like my bedstemor told me the other day. Unfortunately she has been not feeling well because she hurt her back, and so she's been in pain and luckily, me and my cousins are here to help her. But it's great because I'm here to run up and down the stairs, go run to the grocery store, do whatever she needs, and she totally appreciates it, but she told me, 'Michelle, if I don't do things, who will do them for me?" And she's right! She has lived alone for 14 years now. She has always known I'm sure, but quickly adjusted to the fact that: it's me, or nobody.

In the last week, I have had some discoveries, and some...surprises we could say....

1) I MASTERED the washing machine..yay! Ok, mastered isn't the right word, but at least I figured it out this time. From now on.....I OWN that thing :)

2) Riding your bike in the city for the first time is SCARY and should NOT be done if you are NOT a PROFESSIONAL. Do NOT f*** with the Danes and their bike etiquette because they will kill you! (Or at least scare the bee-jesus out of you!!)

3) Not all Danes are super accommodating. Now before I explain this, let me point out how LUCKY I am to have such AMAZING Danish friends and family. The reason why I bring up this point is that I met a couple of Danish people who actually discouraged me from speaking Danish! Some rubbish on how our accents are crap, and they lose patience, and what's the point since everyone here speaks English. I quickly retorted saying that I know my accent is crap, and I fuck up words, but I don't care because I came here to learn the f***** language, so that's what I am going to do. My Danish friends here say that those guys were stupid for telling me that, but if anything, it shows how awesome my friends and family are who are supporting me in this very difficult journey of learning the language

4) Which brings me to the next point....I am trying to enroll in Danish school..which is now proving difficult. I went into the Danish school to be tested and evaluated on my placement. The woman spoke Danish to me, I spoke it back to her, I proved I can understand, I looked through a Danish book..and then she proceeded to tell me that verbally I am too far advanced for the beginner level...(duh) but my writing isn't good enough for the 2nd level. (boo) So, now I have to go to another school to get my writing up to my reading. The funny thing was that the paper I received from city hall said that I couldn't speak Danish, so the woman at the school was confused. I told her, 'I received that paper 3 days after moving here..I have now lived here almost a month..." She then understood. Living with a woman who doesn't speak English certainly has it's benefits, as it's proving...

That is why I have entitled this blog the way I have, because now I go to parties, and meet Danish people, and am in this weird place of, "Well, I can speak Danish, but feel elementary and slow when I speak it..and if you speak it....I understand like half....but if you speak English I will never learn. A weird in between place, but hey, if that's my biggest complaint, I guess I'm not doing so bad. #1%Problems.

I have a lot of pictures of food this time...Bedste has been working overtime being amazing...


And then I went out one night and had a lovely dessert at the restaurant where my cousin works...so yummy...


Needless to say...I will not be wearing pants this summer...only dresses and skirts for my expanding waistline :)

Words of the Day

møde (mu-tha) - meeting
firma (fear-ma) - business
forvirret (four-v-el) - confused
tørre (tuhr) - dry

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This one's for you buddy.

all seasons in one day 5 °C


I have been putting off writing this entry because it's not like my other ones. Something happened recently and I am still trying to wrap my head around it...

It's times like this when it is really hard to be so far away from everyone and everything that you know.

But it's times like this that also bring my mantra to light, and is a glaring reminder of how we must live every day...and events like these teach me that all the time...

This time it was a friend of mine. A new friend who I have only known for a few months, and oddly enough, just spent a few days with him. But in that short time, and a handful of emails, I felt so connected. Maybe it was his joyful personality, or his similar sense of humor. Or his quick wit, and massive smile. Whatever it was, he cast a lasting impression on me. One second someone is there, and then they are gone.

Monday morning my friend Skyped me when I woke up and told me the news. I was paralyzed. "Lost at sea.." "Called off the search.." None of these phrases made any sense. How could this be?/ We were all just wine tasting in Sonoma not even three months ago?? I was just looking at pictures on facebook of him. I had just read this headline on Yahoo news, and kinda overlooked it since I'm thinking, 'Man, boat race called off..missing people...that's sad." And now one of those missing people is actually someone I KNOW. How is this happening?!

I have a mini meltdown as I try to take this in. Then, my sweet Bedste comes to check on me, as I'm crying, I'm furiously trying to spit out that one of my friends is now dead in horrible Danish, but she gets the point. She hugs me, and I return to my Skype call. How is this happening again?

I leave to go into the city, and just think about my friend, and the worlds I live by, and why I am here, writing this very blog. CARPE DIEM.

You never know...you just never know. I think, what if someone told you how long we have, or how much time was left? Would we live it differently? The amazing thing about my friend, my other friend pointed out, is that he would have NEVER lived his life differently. He came over from Ireland, wanting to move to the States, and live in the beautiful city of San Fran. He had a dream and went after it. And once he was here, he did everything! He was in a ukelele club, he went wine tasting, he would go rock climbing....he f****ing did it. He understood what carpe diem is because he lived it everyday. Now, THAT'S inspiring!!

As I rode into the city, looking out the bus window I thought how unfair it is, when you lose someone, the world just keeps going. It wasn't cloudy, or rainy. People around me are all smiling, and not crying. Life just....goes on. But that is when i took a closer look, and once off the bus, I decided to take out my camera and just start taking pictures...of everything and anything.


There were flags everywhere because it was the Queen's birthday. Ironic. But all I could think about honestly as I walked the beautiful streets of Kobenhavn, and the sun was shining was that it was Elmer telling me....hey I'm ok, and everything is going to be ok! So get your arse out there, and keep living your life!!

It's so short, and fleeting. Petty things we think are important, aren't. Things we tend to overlook and take for granted are. In the end, all we have are our friends, family, and memories of this crazy thing we call life. Every day. I have so many worries every day because I may have no idea what will happen tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. But one thing that I NEVER worry about is regrets and not following my crazy heart and crazy dreams. I'm so glad to be here spending time with my grandma, finally being able to speak with her. It's so nice to reconnect with my cousins. It's amazing to spend time with my friends here (two of which are pregnant, and will soon have babies!) I feel so blessed that I can still do all the silly, crazy things I want to do. I'm beyond words with what has recently happened, but I also know that he would never want us to all be sad. He was such a joyful person full of so much LIFE!!! He would want us to throw a party, have a beer, think of all the awesome times we had, and remind us, "Hey, I'll see you again in a few years, don't you worry!" In my mind, that is how this story will eventually end, and it puts a smile on my face to think this way. That works right??

The realization comes in waves. Sometimes I think about it and feel nothing. Sometimes I just begin to uncontrollably tear up. But either way, I cannot emphasize enough to myself....and the ones I care about....seize the f***ing day man!!! What are we waiting for?!? I'm not waiting for anyone or anything, that's for damned sure...

Words of the Day

om (um) - about
begge to (beg-a toe) - both of us
hinanden (hin-an-den) - each other
ridning (rith-a-ning) - horseback riding
adgangskode (add-gangs-code) - password
gaffel (gaff-el) - fork

In unrelated news, I officially got a job offer from the hostel, so I'm a bartender there, and I took my tour guide test. I will begin giving tours next week. I also had an interview with the Danish school, and classes don't start until May 21st, so a little while to wait. But everything is coming along...as it does, and as it will. Right Elmer?? :) #OneAmazingIrishman DSCN2150.jpg

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My new favorite word!

rain 3 °C

To clarify the name of this blog, it is a word that can be used as a noun, verb or adjective I think. Sah-den is how you would phonetically pronounce it. It's kind of like, "There we go!" Or ""Finished!" Or "Yeah!" I dunno...it has crept into my vocab as a filler word, and I am kinda liking it...

So the last few days have been full of successes and failures, which I will mark out here:


My Danish bank account is officially opened...YES!

I received my DanKort (which is the Danish checkcard/Visa card that they have here) This is huge because I have not been able to use my Chase check card at many places, so I have been forced to carry a lot of cash around which totally sucks! So now, I can be like a normal person!

I OFFICIALLY received an offer for the bartending job at the hostel, so YAY! They are drawing up a contract now which I have to sign, but I have a job offer which is amazing!

I bought my first bus pass card which in itself is also mundane to a Dane, but exciting to me, because it makes me "normal" (in the Danish sense) And now I can ride the bus and train as many times as I want! (In only 3 zones.)

I learned how to put a bike chain back on! Never knew how, and I had no choice, so proud of myself there!

Mini Setbacks (Failures sound so rough)

It took me twenty minutes to figure out the washing machine in Bedste's building...forcing her to make 2 trips down the 3 flights of stairs, which meant two trips back UP the stairs! It is SO FRUSTRATING when you don't totally know how to do EVERYTHING right away! I know, I am COMPLETELY impatient!

I thought I would know my 12 page, 3 hour Kobenhavn tour by now, but I don't. It's REALLY hard and it was SO MUCH info! I am a bit disappointed in myself since I had given myself a target of a week, but have failed at that.

Påske ended with me going to the Danish Dj Awards with my cousins. Yeah...not your TYPICAL Sunday Easter events, but it was a blast! We started the afternoon by having an early dinner at my cousin's restaurant where she works. It's an adorable cafe tucked away in a popular part of town. We had champagne, a great while wine, and finished it off with Baileys! SO yummy!


A funny little sidenote. As we sat by the fireplace, talking with her friends, and having a hyggelig time, this group of guys came in...acting all cool and whatnot. I have no idea who they are, so of course, I'm my sassy, sarcastic self. One guy is half Irish, and trying to be all cool. Still...don't care. Then he breaks out into song. What is this..High School Musical 3?!? I don't really understand..until his friends tell me, "Oh, he's a big deal here in Denmark, he is top of Itunes...blah blah." They show me something on an iPhone, and I'm like, Ok sure, whatever. I get up to go to the bathroom, and the other employees had been witnessing the whole thing and were laughing with me. Apparently it's hysterical and they love that I am giving this guy sh**, and he is very full of himself, and I just don't care. "He's trying to impress you." One girl said. "he's sued to girls falling all over him." Ok..well...sorry, I'm friends with Mr. Flynt, have met Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and waited on so many famous people, I can't count on one hand. Not to sound cocky but...keep trying buddy...

The Dj Awards were insane...a long night, but fun. Bedste realized that me and my cousin would be useless the next day, so she makes us a famous Danish meal called flæskesteg,. A pork roast that's crispy on top with these little bacon pieces. So good!!! We ate way too much and were way too full!


The evening was quiet as I worked on my three hour tour (insert Gilligan's Island theme here). I played Rummy with Bedste, and we watched a little TV.

The next day, my cousin and I went into Kobenhavn and tooled around, and I bought some fake flowers to put on my bike!!! (Pictures to soon follow!) I had a meeting with the hostel to talk about how he felt about me working there, and I had to meet one more manager. So, I go in, have a quick meeting, and they offer me the job..YAY! An official job offer two weeks later! So pumped! So between this job, tour guiding, and Danish school hopefully starting up this month, I think I will be pretty busy, which is of course, my style! The rest of the day we go window shopping, making mental notes of where I will be returning once I am employed again, and make reservations to go see the Danish movie, En Kongelig Affære. (A Royal Affair) It stars the wonderful Mads Mikkelsen, and tells the story about the Danish King Christian VII, and how his wife cheated on him with their doctor. Check out the trailer here! Great movie, if you can check it out. Unfortunately, I had no subtitles, so I only understood about half. My cousin helped, but I felt bad because I didn't want to bother her or the people around me.

As I rode home on the bus, one of my first waves of homesickness hit. It's frustrating not to understand everything. I'm afraid I'll never learn. I'm afraid that it will just be too hard. What if I don't get out of it what I was looking for? What if I was wrong to leave one life, and go to another? We all have doubts like this wherever we are. I almost think it's that little voice inside your head that you are usually so good at silencing, but once in a while it comes out again. What if, what if, what if....

I ride home on my bike in the cold dark night, with the feeling of rain in the air. I get home, and without over analyzing, talk with Bedste. I didn't realize it until it was over, but we actually had a twenty minute conversation. I actually understood all what she had to say, and vice versa. Then, I gave her a present that me and my cousin had bought her. A cheese slicer (osteskærer). And when she opened the package, and I saw the big smile grow across her face...it was as if all the "What ifs" faded away...

Today I went into town and figured the only way for me to learn this tour, is to take it....every day this week. I emailed with my other boss and told him I would be ready to be tested next Tuesday, so I have a week. One week. I'm an actress, I can do this. It's a cold, windy, gray day. I cannot WAIT for summer and sunshine. We weave through the cobblestone streets, and a part of me still cannot believe that I am lucky enough to call this place home. And then the guide says something that actually brings a tear to my eye. "Hyggelig is a feeling you have when you know you are in the exact right place, at the exact right time." And that's when I realize...that I am. All these crazy emotions, and thoughts in my head...all the excitement, and then the doubt...all the unknown creeping around every corner. That's what we all feel, but then it's worth it for these moments, when you KNOW that you did EXACTLY what you had to do...the right thing.

I will NEVER get sick of taking photos of this city...


Words of the Day

sidste (see-sta) - last
pause (pow-sa) - little break
Jeg kan godt lige (Yigh can gut lee) - I like
jeg er ligeglad (Yigh can lee glad) - I don't care
bekymret (bee-kur-ma-red) - concerned

This weekend I have a big party go to to, so it should be interesting. Until then...study study study!!! :)

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It's SNOWING in April...

And I'm grocery shopping...on my bike!

snow 1 °C

I couldn't believe it when I saw it...mid April almost, and it's snowing! What in the world! And then I REALLY couldn't believe it when I was riding my bike this afternoon, IN the snow, going grocery shopping for my Bedstemor, thinking, "Oh my gosh....if you told me two weeks ago that I would be doing this, I would've thought you were crazy!" My thoughts were interrupted by a car whizzing by me, bringing me back to the wind biting my face. Har en God Påske everyone...

But beyond that, the last few days have been very successful to say the least! I ended up doing a job shadow on Thursday which I thought went VERY well The funny thing was I take the bus into town, and like I had said before, Påske is a VERY big deal here, but Thursday and Friday are actually bigger deals than Saturday and Sunday. NO ONE was really out on Thursday. The bus ride into town only took me 20 minutes since it didn't have to stop anywhere since no one was riding the bus. Getting into the city early, I realize that the streets are empty, which of course prompted me to take a few pictures!


It was kinda eerie and beautiful how the buildings stood lining the streets. I knew this would not last long since summer is coming, with the good weather and tourists with it. I wanted to take advantage of the peacefulness of the streets. Then, I turned a corner, and BOOM! A totally different vibe. There were bottles and trash all over the streets, men yelling and singing in all the bars, and Politi (police) EVERYWHERE! It looked like I had somehow just missed the riot a street over. What happened? I later come to find out that the big rival soccer game was taking place that day, and the opposing team's fans were not allowed in the stadium because they had gotten SO ROWDY at the last game! (Dodger fans, take note...) So, they had declared on the internet that since they could not go in the stadium, they would take to the streets! So, the politi were there to make sure they didn't get too crazy. Man, I hope CPh has a good maid service, because it was going to be a long night...

Anyway, I only went into work for 4 hours, and the boss was not going to be there. However I met a couple of really nice Danes who are actually leaving at the end of the month. I told them that I wanted to work on my Danish. The guy spoke English and Danish to me, but the girl really took it to heart. It was embarrassing and difficult at first, but as the night went on, I was picking things up, and realized that being forced into the language thing is really helping me. The hostel guests are very interesting. You really get a mix of people from everywhere! I met a nice couple sitting at the bar from Australia, and actually a group of Michigan girls...SO random! I overheard an American speaking to a European. It made me crack up. It went like this:

European Guy: "So, where are you from?"
American "Minnesota"
European: No, but what state is that in?"
American: "Actually..that IS that state..."

It made me giggle and not feel so bad when people ask me where Denmark is, and if it's the capital of Sweden. (Ps - friends of mine, these questions are no longer acceptable since you probably KNOW a little about Danmark now!)

The couple at the bar overheard me say it was my first night to a few customers and the guy was like, 'really?? This is your first night! Let me write a recommendation to your boss! Give me paper and a pen! What's his name??" Couldn't believe that was happening, but I gave it to him anyway. He scribbled something, and walked off with his girl. I read it and was pleasantly surprised. He wrote my boss a nice note and wished me luck. I never got his name, only that they were leaving the next day. Thank you universe for random acts of kindness!

That night I went out afterwards with my Danish friends and had a VERY hyggelig night! We began at this AWESOME bar called Bar 7. It is so cool!! Check it out here! And I found my NEW favorite drink!! It's AMAZING! A LICORICE drink served in a MASON JAR, topped with a LICORICE CANDY PIPE!! I have never been so happy!!!! I sat there laughing, enjoying my friends, and clutching my mason jar. It was pure bliss!


The next day I spent working on my tour guide speech. Man, memerizing all this text is exhausting and really hard to organize my thoughts. I am going to have to go on this tour a few times next week to really nail it. Get it in my body, you know?? And I also watched this AMAZING documentary on the Danish resistance during WWII. Danmark was actually pretty freaking awesome in the sense that they were able to save 95% of the Jews in Denmark and get them to safety in Sweden. if you have an hour to spare, and want to watch a really cool movie about it, here is a documentary on The Resistance! Definitely worth a watch! Bedste then of course cooked us an AMAZING Danish Pork dinner with mushrooms and onions. It's like the filet mignon of pork! So yummy...


Today I braved the snow, and Bedste made me a fantastic Laks (salmon) open-faced very traditional lunch. It's called Smørrebrød (smuhr-bro) and it's fancy open-faced sandwiches that Denmark is known for. Like little pieces of art. Ie- see example below!

Amazing! Also, to continue my Danish WWII Resistance education, I watched an awesome movie called FLAMMEN OG CITRONEN. It's about two Danish resistance fighters. If anyone is a Mads Mikkelsen, check it out, because he is pretty bad ass. I highly recommend.

Tomorrow is Easter, and what do you think I'm doing?? Having Easter lunch with Bedste...and then going to the Danish DEEJAY Awards, of course!!! (And yes, that is how they spell the word DJ) It will be a very interesting Easter...a first for sure!

Words of the Day

nemt (nemt) - easy
hvis (vis) - if
birkes (beer-keys) - poppy seeds
mel (meel) - flour

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