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Home base 08.09.2013
"When are you moving back?" 27.07.2013
Long time no See....Welcome to Boutique2Boutique! 15.03.2013
Just the tip of the Iceberg... 05.08.2012
So...what's YOUR story??? 04.06.2012
1st of May, Danish classes, and Pirates 14.05.2012
"Should we speak English or Danish?" 24.04.2012
Carpe.Diem. 18.04.2012
Sådan! 11.04.2012
It's SNOWING in April... 07.04.2012
They love their flowers...and their chocolates! 04.04.2012
They throw you in the water, and it's sink or swim... 01.04.2012
It's official.....I'M OFFICIAL! 30.03.2012
Oh my gosh....I LIVE HERE! 29.03.2012
Day 1 - How long can Jetlag last??? 28.03.2012